Guess what?!

I may know very little about floating vehicles, but luckily I know a woman that does.  Sadly she lives 300 miles away, but the magic of smartphones and a dodgy 3G connection means that I can still pick her brains on equipment I’ve found on the boat whose purpose is a unclear to me.  Yesterday’s mystery items include:

IMG_0631[1] IMG_0634[1] IMG_0636[1]

The lattter even SuperSusie could not guess – is it possible the engine room had more than one purpose?

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There is no way this is not a good idea.

Two years ago I first got the idea of living on a canalboat after hearing a summer BBQ anecdote.  Two months ago I started looking seriously at boats in the area.  Two weeks ago I made an offer on a narrowboat that I was sure was going to be rejected.  Two days ago, that boat underwent a survey.  And that is the (abridged) story so far. .

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