And the award for ‘Most Valuable Piece of Boat Equipment’ goes to……

The grabby stick thing. Especially if you’re the kind of muppet who regularly drops your keys in the canal. (In case you were wondering, the evidence strongly suggests I am that kind of muppet.)


This blog post was brought to you by ‘God only knows’ by the Beach Boys.


Boating bucket list

Several months ago, a friend of mine, who shall be referred to as Demelza*, shared her life-to-do list with me and another friend, let’s call her Bekky*.  It inspired us to come up with lists of our own, although until this week my list was skeletal.  Since starting the list, I have been able to tick off a couple of things, including qualifying as a midwife, visiting Iceland and living on a boat (hooray!).

The latter was the only boat-related point on the list, whereas now I have several boaty ambitions.  Which I am now compiling into my boat-bucket-list (a work in progress). So far I have:

  • Take a trip longer than a week on my boat in the UK.
  • (In view of the above) Master the art of going through locks (which means I will have to attempt it sometime soon).
  • Volunteer with the River Canal Trust.
  • Take my boat on a continental canal trip (I learnt much on my weekend boat maintenance course, including the fact you can put a narrowboat on a ferry across the channel for a couple of thousand pounds; wine valleys and tulip fields here I come).
  • Service my boat engine myself (I have a textbook and a checklist, but I suspect there might be a theory-practice gap).
  • Black the hull myself.
  • Build a swing on the front of the boat (inspired by Sophia’s boat-warming picture below).
  • Fix a leaking pipe myself without having to get my neighbour’s help (tonight’s leaking pipe was fixed by a combination of neighbour-to-the-right and neighbour-who’s-car-I-accidentally-scratched).
  • Help solve someone else’s boat problem.
  • Turn my boat into a pirate ship and go on a treasure hunt.
  • Build a piece of furniture for my boat.
  • Fit out a boat from the shell.

Any other suggestions?

This blog post was brought to you by ‘Like I can‘ by Sam Smith.

*actual names