Imminent lockdown

Treasure hunting seems a natural hobby for someone who has a sea-faring (river-faring) vessel. Indeed, the search for loot is the basis of many a sailing-based tale. And after nearly three years in possession of the good ship, I had yet to even attempt to uncover some swag. (I hope I’m using the term ‘swag’ correctly. Not enough to do a cursory internet search to check its meaning, but enough to write a disclaimer sentence that interrupts the narrative.)
Luckily I had some experienced buccaneers visiting – the Burge Tribe were in town and were just the kind of people to hunt for hidden goodies with. And, it turns out, the canal provides many a hidden cache so we wouldn’t even need to wander that far.

Mamma Burge loaded up her smartphone with the geocaching map (crumbling parchment with an ‘x marks the spot’ is so two centuries ago), and we started the search. Unsuccessfully to begin with. The first secret tin we tried to locate proved to be unlocatable for the likes of us (frustratingly someone had recorded it as found just the day before). We decided tea and biscuits would be a better use of our time, and retired to DF. 
But that was not the end. Oh no, we were not to be defeated by the setback and once we were hydrated and on a sugar buzz we set out once more. But this time we went by water.
Double Fracture was not only on a looting mission but also a hiding mission. No self-respecting pirate keeps the trove on board*, so we set out not just to find caches, but hide them as well. This gave me an opportunity to use my newly acquired magnetic tape (bought on a whim some months ago – I have a strange affection for magnetic goods – and now finally serving a purpose). We attached the tape to a small Tupperware box, filled it with goodies (a geocaching log – sweets are frowned upon as they can attract wildlife) and set about finding a secure location. Because of our proximity to Sawley locks, we cleverly named it ‘Imminent Lockdown’.
And thus a series was born. Imminent lockdowns 2 and 3 were placed at strategic places along the waterways, and we had a couple of successful finds to boot. (‘Imminent lockdown 3’ had to subsequently be removed as it was too close to another geocache. At some point in the non-specific future it will be re-hidden.). Maybe someday the trail will stretch all the way to Nottingham, nay Newark. But that is an adventure for another day.
So I have taken a step closer to being The Most Feared Captain of the Seven Canals. The next step is to install a plank to threaten dissenting crew with. And find a really good hat. Cue piratical ‘Arrrrrrrrgh’.
This blogpost was brought to you by ‘I am European‘ by Gavin Osborn.
*There has never been a documented case of pirates burying treasure. But let’s not allow facts to get on the way of a good story.


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